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Welcome to CineCola, the website that aims to quench your thirst for cinema.


My name is Matt Micucci. I am a freelance film journalist, reporter, researcher. Basically, you got a film? I wanna see it!


I write critiques, reviews, reports, interviews, retrospectives and anything else you can think of about cinema. I'm a BA in Film & TV. I have plenty of international film festival and film event experience. I'm also very passionate about what I do, passionate about film and always dedicated to doing the best I can to promote cinema passion and open cinematic debates. I'm currently a collaborator on Film Ireland and have written for many outlets in the past. I was a member of the 28 Times Cinema team at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year. I also collaborate with FRED Film Radio, and look after their social network and media.


I'm also available for guest talks, public interviews, panel moderating, festival programming, film scouting and behind the scenes work at festivals and film events. Contact me at




Take a look...

Take a look at my works. Whether you are an editor or not, chances are what brought you here is your interest in film. I would love feedback from whoever has an opinion.


i'm always looking for platforms and outlets. Feel free to contact me at

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